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00:00 Intro
00:43 Sponsor: 100$ free credit for your own Linux or gaming server
01:42 Github is being sued on Copilot’s alleged violation of copyright
03:36 Google launches a giant language based AI project
05:12 Thunderbird unveils its new UI
06:36 Microsoft is being targeted for anti competitive practices in the cloud space
08:02 Interesting blog post about the advantages of Mastodon over Twitter
10:14 The Firefox Snap can now work with third party password managers
11:29 Big DXVK update, and GamepadUI improvements on Steam
13:29 Sponsor: Buy a device that supports Linux perfectly
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Github is being sued on Copilot’s alleged violation of copyright

Google launches a giant language based AI project

Thunderbird unveils its new UI

Thunderbird Supernova Preview: The New Calendar Design

Microsoft is being targeted for anti competitive practices in the cloud space

Interesting blog post about the advantages of Mastodon over Twitter

Why Mastodon is Better

The Firefox Snap can now work with third party password managers

Native Messaging Support Arrives in Stable Version of Firefox Snap

Big DXVK update, and GamepadUI improvements on Steam


  1. Lets be real for a moment.
    Its not like companies don't violate the usage license of open source software already.

    EVERY company i've worked at, which has proprietary code has incorporated at least one GPL library.

  2. I explain the difference between Twitter and Mastodon by talking about e-mail server. You can e-mail anyone from yahoo even though your account is on gmail for example, whereas here you see everyone posts even though they are on a different server….

  3. Mastodon is an interesting idea.. But it is most certainly NOT a replacement for Twitter! It's more comparable to Discord really.. Except at least with Discord you only need 1 account. With Mastodon you have to make an account with every server you wanna use, and they're all essentially isolated from each other. So if most people switch from Twitter to THAT, we're only gonna end up with the social-media 'filter bubble' problem getting a LOT worse.. No thanks. Plus afaik, there's no way to search all of Mastodon for things, or to use it to get general news from everywhere, like Twitter can. You'd have to search for severs for those things first, then search on those servers for what you're looking for?

  4. 9:11 "And since you can still connect to any other instance with the same account, you're not locked into a bubble either."
    Depends: If one instance needs to explicitly allow accounts from a specific instance to join, then it still creates a bubble because they are obviously only going to allow instances which they like to connect.
    And well, that pretty much fits the definition of a bubble.
    PS: Just so you know, I don't know if on Mastodon this is the case. I hope not.

  5. The way I see it, the github Copilot AI using open-source repositories to train, then potentially being used for private code.. Isn't really any different than a human programmer reading through github, to learn to code, then using what they learned at a job.

  6. What copilot does is exactly the same as what human developers do. No difference.

  7. The lawsuit against Copilot really seems baseless to my understanding. The ONLY real issue I see with copilot, is that they're currently charging people for access to use it, but considering the compute time needed to train it, I suppose that makes sense, that's what you're paying for.
    I mean I use Copilot, and the kinds of functions it can currently produce, shouldn't be copyright-able.. They're just short snippets of code, which are often almost identical to the same functions of code written by any other programmer. The idea that people or AI shouldn't learn off publicly viewable knowledge, sorta violates the open-source idea of why Github exists in the first place, so if someone doesn't like Copilot, maybe they don't actually agree with the concept of open-source?

  8. Functionally speaking I think co-pilot/github/microsoft, need to win. Because A. copyright law as a whole is absurd as it exists today, and B. we have been treating small parts of code like it can be owned, when it really needs to be more like a language. Practically speaking if you heard someone say something or phrase an expression a certain way, or even if you or I come up with a better way to say what something, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE should be allowed to share the expression. To the same point proprietary "drivers" are an absurdly unethical concept, that a company can claim they own the information needed to get your property to work the way they sold it to you as is absurd, to the extreme degree that you can't have your iPhone, XBox, or Playstation work as you instruct because of artificial limitations is very silly.
    Company: This card over hear is capable of doing magical calculations and getting huge amounts of work done.
    Person: Ok I'll buy one.
    Company: Now would you like the passphrase that makes it work?
    Person: I guess I'll pay for that info too, otherwise you scammed me by basically selling me a brick.
    Company: By the way, we've hired your local authorities to make sure you don't give other people the passphrase.

    It's would also be like a car dealer saying "this is your car and you paid for it, but we the dealership get to have complete access to it whenever we'd like, but it's your car just trust us." But we let tech companies do this perpetually.

  9. Dont bite the hand that feeds you .silly billys .Just cos you cant see the magic github is sharing and caring . . . . .so you can eat x

  10. 6:36 Seems like y'all hate Microsoft to the core. One of the reasons why Windows phone is dead today is because Google refused to support the platform. Microsoft has the right over how and where office365 is allowed to run and licensed.

    Don't come here with that anti-competitive bullshit. Tell Apple to allow other Apps Store on iOS and release iMessage on Android, Final Cut, XCode and allow iOS apps to be developed on Windows and Linux.

    I'm not saying that Microsoft is a saint, nahhh… I don't care about these multibillion-dollar companies but if we are going to call one of them out, let's do it for others as well otherwise it turns to fanboy and favourism.

  11. they run without microcode bloops !?
    i can not Imaging!
    no intel or amd propertiarity code at all ?!
    sorry for my poor english:)

  12. Even if copilot used "free and opensource code" a license still has to be attributed to the creators which may not have originally released their code with licenses like MIT, Apache 2.0, etc. I would guess that there are some contaigious licenses that may have been used to train their current model.

    Really though, I wish there was a license that blocked AI like copilot from using it in their dataset, but allowed it otherwise equivalent to MIT. I love it! It's simple and lets others use the code however they want, even for commercial stuff. However, it is stuff like copilot (and AI in other fields i.e. art) that make me pause and wish there was a license that could effectively stop it, even for AI art.

  13. The fact that not censoring people that don't violate The US Constitution is a problem to lefties is insane. It proves the lefties are authoritarian commies.

  14. Mastodon is a lefty hell hole. The fact that you're pushing an EXTREMELY politically biased service tells me you don't care about fair competition yourself. You complain about the violations by giant companies, but you promote a service that is EXTREMELY politically biased. The ONLY good use of Mastodon is to host something like Gab on. Mastodon is extremely left wing and politically biased.

    If you like "hate speech" laws and censoring people for "misgendering" then go to Mastodon and you'll have your old censorship heavy Twitter alternative again.

    Mastodon is trash and they're so brainwashed they can't see it and the ones that do are evangelical woke religious types who think the religion of woke is the bible.

  15. So this DXVK update might of fixed my fps issues, Or is it my i7-2600 not having enough power. Either way i ended up going back to windows due to it.

  16. gotta love it, an extremely niche lawsuit that barely profits anyone else except that one guy, ignore all of the open source game cheats

  17. Microsoft stealing other source code, ROFL ! That is the founding principle of Microsoft. Every single of their products were stolen code. : Their operating system as well as the Office software.

  18. I want to click both Like and Dislike, but oh well, I can't. Why Linux just sucks when it's Question of Payments, Banking Payment for Purchasing single App? Why European Bank Initiative so slow, can't use my domestic bank Account or regular link into Web Bank Parking Space, and oh well You know the rest.

  19. I still haven't understood why one would use Linode to deploy a server. What does deploying a server do?

  20. I like the mockups for the new Thunderbird UI… But I also kinda don't want it because I'm so used to the current hideous layout :^)

  21. II like the idea of co-pilot but the implementation was definitely bad, also I think it should be restricted in use to only those who have shown themselves to have been programming in the same language for at least 10 years, anything less and you're just a newb blagging of expertise you don't have but was spoon fed

  22. With federation, email has been my favorite comparison. While you can have an account on gmail, you aren’t locked into only communicating with gmail users. Instead you can send and receive stuff from someone that has, say outlook, yahoo, proton mail, etc. Each of these different email accounts can have their own set of features, but that doesn’t stop you from reaching out to someone on a different service because of the standardized email format that they all use.

    Federation works in the exact same way. Each instance is like a different email service provider. This also means you can chat with someone on a mastodon instance while you’re on something like misskey or pleroma (which you can think of like different email services as well) because they use the same standard backend.

  23. this is the same thing they are doing with image generation, stealing people artstyles, and merging their artworks with other people's artworks, bypassing every form of copyright and intellectual property. And whats best is these things are so heavy to train they have to be trained by huge gpu farms, by a big company. So clearly they have no respect for anyone or anything. And yet millions of people dived into ai art and generated their "own" pictures with these AIs, and are selling them online, and even using crypto currency speculation. Man im looking forward to 2023 skynet, ww3, armageddon, what else ?

  24. You know
    When I was a kid our priest was an old French guy from an aristocratic family.
    When I hear that accent tell me it’s unethical I believe it.

  25. NGL i'm kinda split on GithubLawsut about AI.
    From one side:
    If output of AI was composed from thousands of entries where each one contributed marginally so much so that you can't deduct what components were used for such output… shouldn't it (from legal stand point) be treated as inspiration since many inspirations take more bigger elements from other media that author doesn't own.
    From other side:
    What if components of such outputs can be clearly traced so much so that if human made such output it would be considered plagiat.
    Letting corp. giants train their AI on work of volontiers and make mony on propieretary result of it… isn't something i'm happy to do.

    Should be each case taken individually ?
    Them each new ai output is in stage of (what i would call it) "Schrödinger's copyright". with is a f'ing mess especially if your training data set is big.

    And probably the worst is people have tendency yo get emotional and base opinion on that and oversimplified facts.
    artist are already angry that it "steals thier art" seemingly without deeper understanding how this technology work. Fact that it can be direct competition for some commission arts and instead of civil discussion we get we vs them situation.

    And probably that's what saddest me the most. That we might miss cool stuff not because what it is, but what general public see it as.

  26. There will be interesting cases with AI and GDPR also. But you will need high skilled officials and whistle blowers to move forward. I guess some will have to delete their illegal trained AI models in the Future. If users are the product you should reward them.

  27. The copilot lawsuit made me wonder if it can extend to AI generated art. Often times art doesn't come with a license attached n'or you can copyright a style itself so i doubt it but you never know.

  28. I find your comment kind of funny here: "some parts of this company just can't help but try to build monopolies instead of trying to compete normally".
    Because that's exactly what competing normally entails at the size of Microsoft, Google, etc.

  29. I honestly hope the lawsuit goes through, we certainly don't need a bot like this.
    It's about time a limit is traced to how much AI stuff can be pushed into our lives, or else we'll reach a point where the only intelligence left on this planet will be the artificial one.

  30. Twitter isn't burning, the blue checks are just throwing a massive tantrum because now the people who were being censored by the site for the past decade have a way to actually get seen by the world, and that's just not fair.

    Kinda funny, they're breaking rules and then pointing to what they did as a reason why we can't let everyone else be on an even playing field.

  31. 9:08 You are not LOCKED in a bubble, but you can for sure just STAY in your bubble, because hearing what you already believe is more comfortable.

  32. One thing about Mastodon/the fediverse is that the huge influx of new users is drowning out the comfy early internet-like culture. People are expecting it to be a perfect Twitter replacement, while it was designed to be anything but that.

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