"They Want To Keep You Poor!" (DON'T FOLLOW THE SCRIPT)

A HUGE thank you to the author of the book UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship – Mj Demarco!
His first book The Millionaire Fastlane changed my life forever, and his section book Unscripted is even better.

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0:00 – Jeffrey & Adonis
1:07 – Hamza’s Unscripted Story
3:07 – We are being lied to.
16:11 – Sidewalk vs Slowlane
20:27 – The FTE(Fuck This Event)
26:44 – The Unscripted Framework and the 3B
30:21 – Meaning and Purpose
32:31 – How do you find your purpose?
35:45 – Fastlane Entrepreneurship
42:44 – Kinetic Execution
52:16 – The Four Disciplines
1:01:43 – MJ Demarco’s Closing Thoughts

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