Hostinger Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2022)

Hostinger Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2022). Hostinger is a premium web hosting provider that offers a lot of features and value for the money, and it’s also ideal for performance and security.
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Hostinger Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2022). Hostinger is a premium web hosting provider that offers a lot of features and value for the money, and it’s also ideal for performance and security.

So hosting are is one of the most affordable shared hosting providers on the market today, but doesn’t really offer enough value with that kind of pricing. In this review, we’ll explore that and whether or not hosting is a good choice for you and your situation. Now hosting or started in 2007 as a free web hosting service with no advertising. Then in 2011, the hosting or web hosting brand was born by May of 2014, hosting or had already exceeded a user base of 10 million people. By January of 2017, the user base had grown to 29 million users. And that is very impressive growth in just over a decade. And the company boasts tons of unlimited and free features, but are all those extra perks truly unlimited free or worth it in the first place? Let’s go ahead and explore that. So before we take a look at the pros and cons and features, though, note that hosting er has various types of hosting such as VPS, hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting, and their main and most affordable type, which is shared hosting. And shared hosting is basically where you share your server and resources with other people. And depending on which shared hosting plan you go with, you either get more or less resources. But regardless of your plan, a good hosting provider will deliver solid service nonetheless. And a solid service means solid security, like unlimited free SSL, no matter the package Cloudflare protection, and at the very least weekly backups, all of which are available with hosting or so in terms of security, you’ve got yourself covered no matter the plan you go with. Alright, so let’s take a look at what hosting are does best here, starting with the load times because if your site can’t load fast enough, your visitors will click away looking for a more responsive site and so fast page loading times are vital for any website users experience with a site. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, over 30% of people will abandon it according to statistics, but hosting are both servers in the USA, Asia and Europe. Each is reportedly connected to 1000 megabits per second connection, which ensures that loading times are stable, averaging at around 307 milliseconds, which is excellent. And besides low time, you need to also make sure that your web hosts can keep your website online for as long as possible without any downtime. And this is where uptime is the most important thing to check out when considering a web host hosting are delivered an average of 99.97 uptime with an hour and a half of downtime or the past six months in total. They have 26 outages. And the biggest of them was in July when the average uptime was only 99 point 90%. Other than that hosting or is uptime fluctuated between 99.96 and 100%. Of course, no web hosts can keep 100% uptime. So the fact that hosting or it can go through a few months with 100%. uptime is very impressive. So in terms of page load time and uptime, while hosting or is not number one, it’s still certainly at the top with these numbers. And I want to mention support real quick because when it comes to building your website, you need a responsive support. And if you’re new, you may not think of this as a vital selling point of a web host. But customer support can either make or break a web host. If your site is down for some reason, and you’re unable to get in touch with a customer support agent as soon as possible, you might lose out on a ton of sales, hosting or though does not disappoint. The company offers a multilingual customer support team live chat, and they integrated intercom as their main support system. Thank you guys very much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.


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