Web hosting vs Website builders | Which should you choose?

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You want to build a website, right? But you’re stuck on where to even begin, like should you go with a website builder or buy hosting and use WordPress?

For me personally, the answer was clear: use WordPress… I said WAS, because the more I tested different website builders, the more useful I found them. So today, let’s have an honest discussion about what’s the best approach for your new website…

Shared Hosting:

PRO – MUCH BETTER PERFORMANCE, now don’t get me wrong it’s not like website builders aren’t improving day by day to be more optimized and faster. BUT in most cases, you can’t optimize your content as much as with simple shared hosting. And the builder itself can create some heavy-weighting websites, your performance is left to the mercy of the provider.

PRO – better Search Engine Optimization. Well, naturally, having more control over your content means you can optimize it much better to be competitive in the market. Some website builders, like Wix, have improved a lot in this category in the past few years, but others still offer just minimum options to ensure you get found.

CON – Security is up to you… mostly. When you pay for a website builder, you don’t really need to invest in security suits or technical knowledge. With hosting being much more complicated, you need to choose the RIGHT plugins, research the best security measures, and, well, keep your site’s security always on your mind. I’m not saying that website builders are bulletproof, but in most cases, they’re the ones responsible for technical safety, and you’re responsible for a decent password.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Feature list:

πŸš€ Free SSL
πŸš€ Unmetered Bandwidth
πŸš€ Free Domain Name
πŸš€ Free CDN
πŸš€ Easy to use control panel
πŸš€ Pro Email
πŸš€ Weekly Backups
πŸš€ 24/ Live chat support

More expensive plans also include:

πŸš€ 100 Websites
πŸš€ Unlimited Emails
πŸš€ Unlimited Bandwidth
πŸš€ Daily Backups

Website Builder:

CON – First, website builders will be more expensive monthly than a regular shared hosting plan. In most cases, the price is twice what you would usually pay for the same kind of package. But do keep in mind that you’re buying hosting AND the builder itself, which in most cases means optimized tools and easy-to-use controls. With shared hosting, you can get a plan for around $2-$4 a month, the same setup would probably cost around $8-$10 a month with most website builders.

PRO – If you’re not a user that likes to mess around and test things out – builders will save you not only time but even some nerves. Web builders like Wix and Zyro are so much faster and less painful to manage. I have run a few websites for a couple of years now on WordPress, and there are so many times when doing one thing breaks another part of my website, so there’s a lot of micromanagement…

Zyro Website Builder Feature list:

πŸš€ 1 Website
πŸš€ Unlimited SDD Storage Space
πŸš€ Unlimited Bandwidth
πŸš€ Free SSL
πŸš€ 30-day money-back guarantee
πŸš€ Free Professional Email Account
πŸš€ 24/ Live chat and phone support
πŸš€ Free Image Library
πŸš€ Accept online payments
πŸš€ Abandoned cart recovery
πŸš€ Instagram Store

Which Should You Pick?

1) If You want to create a blog or a personal project and the most important part for you is the content – Go with Zyro, WordPress.COM, or any other good Website Builder.

2) If You want to build a business site or personal project and you plan to change things constantly or would like to have every optimization available for you – Choose Hostinger and WordPress combination.

3) If You want an eCommerce store with an easy management system and can spare more cash – Go with website builders like Zyro or specific platforms like Shopify. If you want eCommerce but you’re determined to save as much as you can, Hostinger and WooCommerce will do the trick.

Time Stamps
0:00 – intro
1:36 – Web hosting vs Website builders showdown
3:08 – Finished websites
3:35 – Which is faster?
4:53 – Working with Zyro
5:07 – Working with Hostinger
5:20 – Ease of use
6:41 – Pros and cons
9:37 – Conclusion

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