HTML CSS and Javascript Website Design Tutorial – Beginner Project Fully Responsive

Learn how to build a website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript in this beginner project tutorial. The site will be fully responsive and you can navigate to other pages and add your own custom design.

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0:00 Web Design Intro
1:15 Creating our Project Files
4:26 Adding our Navbar code
9:44 Adding our Navbar CSS
33:08 Adding Fontawesome Icons
34:48 Creating Hero Section
37:20 Getting our illustration
39:00 Adding Hero Section CSS
43:50 Adding Google Fonts
52:38 Adding Our Services Section
54:23 Adding Services Section CSS
57:38 Getting our images
1:07:17 Adding Footer Section
1:13:52 Adding Footer CSS
1:24:15 Navigating to another page

Source Code starter images

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CSS Mega Dropdown Menu

Adobe XD to HTML & CSS Website

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