Ezarcher Linux – /etc/skel Updates For GTK Desktops

Ezarcher Linux – /etc/skel Updates For GTK Desktops

The recent updates to Gnome 43 bring several challenges for other GTK desktops, notably Cinnamon, Mate, and Xfce. I uploaded testing ISOs for each of those desktops with newly adapted configuration files for the themes, icons, and wallpaper settings. The changes and move towards consistency will hopefully ensure the settings are more resilient to Gnome changes in the future.

I have also restructured the Sourceforge and OSDN.net project sites. The Final_ISO folder contains the latest release of the Ezarcher ISOs. The Old_ISO folder contains the previous full set of ISOs released. The Project_Files folder contains each of the tar files with all the project files used in the build process and documentation. The Testing folder contains ISOs built to test new features or bug fixes.

Thanks. Have fun. 🙂

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