CachyOS Is A Linux OS Which Is Heavily Optimized

In This Video We Are Looking At CachyOS 221023- Arch Linux Based Distribution With Heavy Optimizations & Multi-Architectures For Ultimate Desktop Expierence

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CachyOS Is A Linux OS Which Is Heavily Optimized

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– btrfs
– zfs
– ext4
– xfs
– f2fs

Our installer will autodetect which microarchitecture your machine got, if x86-64-v3 is detected it will automatically use the optimized packages, which is around a 10 % performance improvement.

Desktop Environments:
– CuteFish
– i3
– Gnome
– Openbox
– Wayfire
– Xfce
– bspwm
– Kofuku
Also we compile all our kernels, librewolf, proton-ge-custom, proton-tkg and some other packages available in the aur in x86-64-v3.

Some of KDE and Plasma tools are compiled with set of flags to provide better a performance. Tools like kscreen, kwin, kwindowsystem, plasma-desktop, plasma-wayland-session, plasma-workspace, and qt5-tools and also other desktop environments.

Security and Performance!

Simple and easy install and configuration
Providing a x86-64-v3 repo for all core, extra and aur packages
Several different DE’s
CLI and GUI Installer
Native ZFS support also for all custom kernels
Providing several different filesystems
Netinstall offers 10 different DE’s
Different Linux kernel scheduler and general improved kernel out of the box in the repo

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Todays Video – CachyOS !

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