Introduction to JavaScript | The Complete JavaScript Course | Ep.2

When it comes to learning JavaScript, the learnings are endless. So, how can we learn and understand this massive language? Yes, you guessed it right. One thing at a time!

In this video, we’ll try to print something, say, a simple string. We’ll learn how can we perform simple arithemetic operations. We’ll try to understand what happens behind the scene when we use “script” tag to link our JavaScript file. Also, we’ll learn how can we comment our code.

A lot more is coming soon! So, stay tuned and keep learning ๐Ÿ™‚

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๐Ÿ“– Chapters
00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – What is Programming?
02:23 – Is JavaScript a Programming Language?
03:22 – Create a New Folder and Open With VS Code
04:18 – Warm Up: Set the Project and Link JS File
07:01 – How to Switch to Dark Mode?
07:29 – Open Console
08:29 – What is REPL?
09:01- Write Your First Line Of JavaScript
10:43 – What Happens Behind the Scene?
14:38 – What if We Use โ€œdeferโ€?
15:48 – Quick Recap
16:38 – Write JavaScript in the Console
18:34 – Try Writing Numbers; More on REPL
22:53 – Install โ€œJavaScript (ES6) Code Snippetsโ€ Extension in VS Code
24:50 – Understand the Console and the Hints It Provides
26:36 – Understand the Sources Tab
28:37 – Quick Recap
30:02 – How to Comment A Line of Code in JavaScript?
31:18 – Numbers in JS: : Letโ€™s Perform Different Operations
35:32 – Quick Recap
36:00 – Try writing JavaScript Inside “script” Tag
37:00 – Conclusion

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