React Native New Architecture | The React Native Show Ep.17

In this episode of the React Native Show, Łukasz Chludziński ( dives deep into one of the hottest topics in the industry – React Native’s new architecture. Together with Nicola Corti (, Senior Android Developer at Meta, they explain in-depth the main concepts around React Native’s new architecture.

From this episode, you’ll discover:

– How was React Native created, how the framework evolved, and why it needed new architecture?
– What was the decision-making process behind restructuring the architecture of React Native?

Nico and Łukasz discuss the pillars of the new architecture:

– new render
– turbo modules
– codegen
– the bridge

After elaborating on the pillars of the new React Native architecture, Nico describes the difference between new and old React Native architecture. Nico shares some elevator pitches for the React Native new architecture and its pillars.

In the next section, Łukasz and Nico talk about modern languages in native development and how they are impacted by the new architecture. Nico mentions languages such as:

– TypeScript
– Kotlin, and
– Java

Afterward, Nico and Łukasz dive deep into the benefits of switching to the React Native new architecture. There are plenty of advantages in the long run, for example, codegen will save you a lot of runtime crashes.

Next, the discussion shifts to some practical aspects, namely, adopting React Native new architecture. Nico clarifies whether it’s advisable to migrate to the new architecture gradually.

The conversation ends with Nico’s insights on what’s coming up with the new architecture in the near future. You can always reach Nicola via his Twitter ( or GitHub (

Check out the talk by Joshua Gross, “The New React Native: Bringing the Fabric renderer to the “Facebook” app”, from the React Native EU conference 2021.

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