Bootstrap 5 VS MudBlazor


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In this video we go over the differences of bootstrap 5 and mudblazor and when to use which for what circumstances. Ultimately both are really nice to have in a project for your UI and saving time on component generation, but they are quite different from each other both in implementation and in what cases you should implement one over the other.

00:00 Intro
01:12 Blazor Cheat Sheet
02:13 What You Should Look For in A Good Project
03:13 How To Add Bootstrap 5 To Blazor
06:18 Bootstrap vs Mudblazor Logic
08:52 Bootstrap Example
10:29 MudBlazor Start
11:38 MudBlazor Pros and Cons
13:46 How To Add Mudblazor to a Project
15:46 MudBlazor Project Explanation
19:00 MudBlazor Project Example Run
20:01 Side By Side

Music Credit goes to LOQUOR:

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