Intro to WebAPI – One of the most powerful project types in C#

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Learn about WebAPI, a powerful project type that allows C# to communicate with almost any programming language. You can even allow machine to machine communication. So whether you are going to build a mobile app for IOS or Android, a desktop app using WPF, Java, or others, or you are going to build a web application, WebAPI is there to support you.

In this video, I will give you the overview of what WebAPI is, how to set it up, how to connect to it for testing, and then some tips and tricks as well before I show you how to deploy it.

0:00 – Intro
2:23 – Creating ASP .NET Framework app with MVC and Web API
11:27 – Demo app walkthrough
17:30 – API controller
19:46 – API GET
21:40 – API test tool: Postman
26:20 – API configuration: Routes
28:36 – Creating API controller
34:52 – API GET
39:22 – Note on Data Access and User Interfaces
41:29 – API POST
44:57 – Debugging POST
49:00 – Sending data through GET and why not to do that
53:48 – Custom GET method and custom Route
59:22 – GET variables
1:02:09 – API help documentation
1:10:17 – Deploying Web API project
1:14:01 – Summary and concluding remarks
Thanks for Ralfs HBK for breaking down the chapters

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