Office Hours: Nine Minutes of SQL Server Answers

Post and upvote questions at and pick what you’d like to see me discuss. Here’s what we covered today:

00:00 Start
00:32 Jeremy: We have an older web app we’re going to be rewriting to use microservices. We’ll also be migrating it from on-prem to Azure. Our dev consultant is recommending we use Postgres rather than MS SQL Server to save money. What are your thoughts on moving from MS SQL to Postgres?
02:19 Peter: Have you ever deleted unused stats or think it might be worth deleting stats on a table to improve performance of a stats maintenance job? My pain point is an exceptionally long running stats update.
03:27 Jacob H: Hi Brent, how do you approach tuning when you are not able to run a query in production?
04:30 Kimberly Hathaway: Brent – battling sysadmins in my org. They want Veeam backups for all SQL svrs & not SQL backups. Claim is point in time DB recovery with Veeam. I say logs are not getting truncated so Veeam is not talking to SQL. Can you point me to a doc that will support this.
06:19 Cats_Everywhere : Hey Brent, I’m planning a new SQL Server build. I expect the Business people want this server to exist for 8-10 years. Are there any good arguments (business people would love) to persuade them to stick to a 5 year max? I picked 5 years due to Patching support from MS.
07:39 ├ôlafur: Any indexing tips for “SELECT DISTINCT F1, F2, F3”? Is this more / less important than indexing for the WHERE condition?
08:17 Bingo Boy: What are the pros / cons of setting up a SQL Server learning environment for log shipping / A.G. using containers vs virtual machines?

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