How JavaScript Works 🔥& Execution Context | Namaste JavaScript Ep.1

Understanding how JavaScript works behind the scenes, inside the JS Engine will make you a better developer. This video covers details about Execution Context Creation and its 2 phases: Memory Allocation Phase and the Code Execution phase.

This video also answers questions about-
Is Javascript Single-threaded or multi-threaded?
Is JS Synchronous or asynchronous?

Many JavaScript developers are confused about these small concepts. They mess up their heads reading a lot of JS blogs and articles here and there. To help everyone, here’s a JS video tutorial with all the info here at once.

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Topics Covered:
00:00 – Introduction to how JS works behind the scenes
00:15 – Execution Context in JS
00:42 – Variable Environment of Execution Context
01:35 – Thread of Execution in JavaScript
02:11 – Is JavaScript synchronous or asynchronous?
02:32 – Is JavaScript a single-threaded language or multi-threaded?
03:19 – Recap of Execution Context Components
04:00 – Teaser of the next video – How code is executed in JS?
04:15 – Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript 🙏

Everything is covered in the video with all detail, so watch it till the end. 😇

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