Reviving my old laptop with Linux (It's Alive!)

I sincerely didn’t think this was going to work – for the longest time I thought many people were overblowing how well Linux scales down onto lower hardware. Is this technomancy or necromancy? Maybe both…?

Browse Ubuntu flavours:

Mount a USB with:

0:05 Intro
0:52 Almost went 60 seconds without talking about LINUX
1:39 Browsing Linux’s “flavours”
4:06 Downloading Ubuntu
5:06 Putting Ubuntu on a USB Drive
6:55 USB is ready!
7:59 Disable your “Secure Boot” setting
9:21 Booting from USB…
10:07 Test your version of Ubuntu! See if you like it
11:11 Installing Ubuntu
11:27 Partitioning
13:34 Setting up the user info
14:30 Install complete!
15:14 IT’S ALIVE
15:46 Testing terminal & external displays


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