Sebastián Yatra – Dos Oruguitas (From "Encanto")

Academy Award ® Nominee for Best Original Song Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. See Disney’s Encanto now streaming on …


  1. Abuela Alma and Queen Elinor are the same in one thing: They understood that they had broken the hearts of the people they loved (Elinor for having burned her daughter's bow. And Alma for having denigrated her granddaughter and made her think that everything was her fault).

  2. It's easy to nitpicks Alma's faults. But if you step back and look at what she did do you will find that she is a hard-working woman. She was devastated by her husband's death and losing her old home yet she doesn't throw an pity party or complains about how poor her. No, she pushed down her feelings and fears so she could help her neighbors rebuild their lives and to raise their three newborn children on her own. Keep in mind that she have no magic so she also have to learn and find a way to guide her children's magic while at the same time keeping their new home area safe from those who want to harm them. 50 years later what does she get in returns. A huge wonderful family, a huge thriving and warm community and a safe town. Yes, she made some mistakes and not everything is perfect. But you knows what? That is fine. Life isn't always perfect 24/7 and family can be sometimes complicated. However, if there is love then you can overcomes anything together. She is a strong woman who made mistakes but still got things to be proud of. You can't take that away from her.

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