👨‍💻 How to Recover MySQL, MSSql and Oracle Databases in 2021

👍 Watch how to recover MySQL, MSSql and Oracle databases. How to backup such databases, which software to use for this purpose, and how to restore the databases from such backups.

Hetman Partition Recovery – https://hetmanrecovery.com/hard-drive-data-recovery-software.

Recovering MySQL Files and Database Tables: https://hetmanrecovery.com/recovery_news/restoring-deleted-mysql-database-files.htm

0:00 – Intro;
0:54 – Creating a backup copy and restoring MySQL databases with MySQL Workbench;
1:40 – Restoring a database manually;
2:30 – Creating a backup copy and restoring MySQL databases with mysqldump;
4:19 – Recovering damaged MySQL database tables with the help of myisamchk;
6:32 – Recovering a Microsoft SQL Server database;
7:29 – How to create a copy of SQL Server database for further restore, import or transfer;
7:55 – Creating a backup file manually;
8:57 – Creating a backup copy of Oracle Database Express Edition;
10:21 – Recovering tables with Hetman Partition Recovery;

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