Self-Taught C# Developer Road Map 2022

Self-Taught C# Developer Road Map 2022 (DUMMIES VERSION)

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  1. If you start with Javascript and will be learning React/Angular for the front end, why not just continue with Javascript and build the backend with express? Why jump from Javascript to C# just to learn to build backends? Just curious.

  2. Hey bro, what about blazor and mvc? Are they not needed for the first junior job? Are ef core and web api enough for the backend part?

  3. Fullstack is like telling them you'll do the work of at least 2 people for the salary of 1 backend. However, I agree that you won't get a backend position unless you know your shit or have previous experience. Honestly devops is where the money is right now but you will have to deal with far more bs than a backend job because of on-call.

  4. Good morning Teddy,

    Would you kindly share recommendations for courses on Udemy for what you feel is best per step?

    I think that would be very helpful if you'd be willing.

  5. Love the video Teddy, thanks for taking the time to do it. I also fell into the JS Framework-Hype before understanding atleast 60% of Vanilla JavaScript, paid the price for it. I since went back and had to learn JS from the Control Flow again. I think the problem IMO is the way React and Angular are made to appear as glossy, shiny toys to play with, when JS is the most important toy 1st, ow and this whole seling solution of "be a programmer in 3 months and get a job" is also not helping at all.

  6. Thanks Teddy, your advice really helped me get my first C# job as a self taught. Really glad I chose C# fullstack path.

  7. Thank you for the great video . I have few questions. What is the js bare minimum that I should learn before moving to React or Angular ? I know the basic function (arrays objects and their methods ) but should I learn Dom manipulation ? Also, should I skip OOP in js and learn it in C# ? should I learn asynchronous js ? Last question should I work on projects with js only or react/ angular only (no back-end) for portfolio ? Should I just work on one big full stack project (front end,back end)?

  8. Great video. My question is should a beginner become a front end developer first and get a job as a front end dev before learning C# and becoming a full stack dev, or should he go straight to full stack development just like the road map is suggesting.

  9. Teddy, I don't know much about frameworks or libraries. I know Angular has everything bundled into the framework, so you don't have to add any plugins or modules. I am guessing Angular comes with Babbel, webpack, CSS SASS? To my understanding React you have to import these as modules? I am still learning how all this works, excuse my ignorance.

  10. 2 years of learning JavaScript and React without getting a job, and I was going to quit and focus on game dev with Unity. I started learning C# and I love it and am moving on with .Net. My city has so many .Net opportunities that I didn't pay attention to until last week.

  11. for "step 1" of learning the fundamental, where do you suggest we go to do that, a udemy course, just any youtube videos, something else, please advise

  12. Excellent video Teddy, I got a copy of the roadmap, and I will study it! I don't know if you heard of The Odin Project. But I am working on that for HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also, for React and its project based with a good community to help you on discord. Anyways I guess once I finish the Odin Project I will jump straight into your syllabus and begin on C# and work my way up! Thank you once again, I will update you on my progress, really appreciate your hard work in creating this video and roadmap, thank you !

  13. Neil Cumming courese has old version of .net core ? is it fine to start with as beginner and is there big diffrence between latest version and the course version ? and thanks

  14. What do you think about Neil Cumming courese "Complete guide to building an app with .Net Core and React" is it good ?

  15. Thank you Teddy for continuing to spread awareness about this under looked web dev opportunity. Ever since I rewatched your 2021 road map video months after completing a JS web dev bootcamp and still unable to break into the industry, it convinced me to go back and utilize my C# skills from game dev to learn .NET and Angular. Days after I added ". NET" to my LinkedIn profile, I got my first message from a recruiter, who happened to offer me an opportunity for contract work as a .NET developer, even though I don't have a relevant project to show yet, lol.

    Anyways I'm so glad you've convinced me to work with my favorite programming language for a living. Taking that Neil Cummings udemy course + watching your tutorial playlists really helped a lot!

  16. I have a predicament. I have been promoted from working in our organization's NOC and I have joined the dev team. I have written tons of scripts and tools in PowerShell, Python and SQL for our team so my manager said he'd like to see me upskill. The new role is great, but the main language is C# and its mainly Blazor and WebAssembly (I have written a very basic web app in Blazor, but haven't had time to work with it up until now). The people I am working with are very patient and understanding, and I basically have 6 months to get to a point where I can take over some projects. Do you think this is possible, and if so, what do you think I should be trying to concentrate on?

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