Software Engineer Ranks Programming Languages

Welcome to the official programming language tier list. In this video, ex-Google Software Engineer Clement Mihailescu ranks …


  1. The moment i see his hairs
    Me : he is front end dev.

    Javascript is elegant , beautiful.
    Me : he is a funny guy too.

    Java is a trash language.
    Me : you hurt my emotions😂

  2. I don't see how you could really rank assembly at all. It just is what it is. It's a direct set of code words referring to machine instructions. It's not a programming language, it's a coding system.
    In my opinion, it's simply useless to attempt "rank" it.

  3. I love how PHP is below trash. I tried to learn it when I first learned HTML and CSS in order to make things happen in WordPress…. thought I was just an idiot and too dumb to understand it. Now 5 years later I understand it's just a mess at best

  4. Congratulations, "why write in C++ when you've got JavaScript" is very likely the single dumbest thing a software engineer has ever said.

    In my over 20 years of writing C++, not a single time have is asked myself why I'm not using JavaScript instead…! I mean, are you completely clueless?

  5. When someone without understanding of OO programming make a video about Java.
    Did you have bad experiences with backend guys?

  6. As a ruby developer I'm happy I found someone's saying that it's dying(for more than 10 years straight), I thought everyone suddenly forgot about it the same as Bermuda Triangle.

  7. 4 Minutes in, and so far from what I'm understanding this is more of a personal taste (bias) for coding languages vs actual rank in regards to practicality, demand, syntax flexibility, and you could say future use projection. – A 4th year Computer Engineering Student.

  8. 4:48 going to be honest, java, although trash, is a good language. Now why you might ask, simple, if you understand this utter trash, you can understand anything. But also, css is amazing. Center a div for me why wont you

  9. It's funny how he worked for Facebook (in his about) when Facebook uses php with a custom compiler to bind their servers.

  10. "Software Engineer Ranks <strong>Programming Languages</strong>"

    -HTML deserves a spot in the AMAZING category 🙃🙃

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