[[ 8.5 HOURS ]] Complete SQL End to End – SQL Server Tutorial { End to End } Full Course Beginners

This FULL course in SQL, In this video will cover how to write SQL using MS SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio. We go through Creating a Database, Creating Tables, Inserting, Updating, Deleting, Selecting, Grouping, Summing, Indexing, Joining, and every basic you need to get starting writing SQL.

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SQL SERVER – Tutorials – FULL COURSE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1) 00:00 – Introduction About the Complete Free SQL Course
2) 02:46 – Why we need Database
3) 16:31 – What is DBMS
3.1 What is MS SQL Server
4) 30:42 – Installation Link
5) 34:14 – SQL Server Demo
5.1 Creating Database
5.2 Exploring SSMS
5.3 SQL Server Service
6) 51:07 – System database
7) 54:37 – SQL (Structured Query Language)
7.1 DDL ( Create, Alter, Drop )
7.2 DML ( Insert, Update, Delete)
7.3 DQL (Select)
7.4 Datatype in SQL
8) 01:31:00 – Constraints
8.1 Not Null, Unique
8.2 Check, Default,
9) 01:58:14 – Primary Key, Foreign Key
10) 02:34:00 – SQL Queries
10.1 Select, Where, Order by
10.2 Distinct
11) 02:59:23 – String and Arithmetic Functions
11.1 Logical Conditions
11.2 Like (Pattern search)
12) 03:29:05 – SQL Operators and Aggregate Function
13) 03:58:45 – SQL Join
13.1 Left / Right/ Inner / Full
14) 05:24:30 – Set Operations
14.1 Union / Intersect / Except
15) 05:33:16 – DBA | Security | User Access
16) 06:10:47 – PL SQL and Views
16.1 Stored Procedures |Functions
16.2 Views | CTE | Temp tables
17) 07:24:47 – Triggers / Cursors
18) 07:57:41 – Indexing
18.1 Clustered / Non clustered

How to install SQL Server DBMS


Video to install Sample Databases

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  1. Got to learn so much about SQL in detail.. thank you so much for your tutorial💚so grateful of you sir💯 you deserve the best ✨

    Also if possible, could you suggest me the best way to practice and excel in it please

  2. Sir, what are the architectural difference between Oracle and MySQL server

    Whether the SQL syntanx are different for different RDBMS?

  3. Hello Sir, Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for teaching and providing this course. Although i took few days and found the last few topics challenging (Store procedure, functions, trigger & curser) which i think will need more practise and exposure. At last much thanks again. 🙏

  4. Super Grateful for getting this in such a crisp and precise manner and that too for free, it's easy to understand. Thank you!

  5. That Was Great Learning , i mean i have watched multiple Videos on SQL at different platforms however Nobody Provided Such Contents with Clarity As you did . Tq So much for This Exquisite and Wonderful Video.

  6. great efforts in this channel.

    I have only simple enquiry as a new sql learner.

    I haven't made my mind yet whether to use sql server or not.

    Is sql server the best solution available for those who want to manage and automate databases inside a medium size company.

    Is there any alternative i need to consider right from the beginning or any applications that is relevant to integrate with the database being used.

    I consider myself a machine learning enthusiast and and would mostly like to automate business solutions with the engine being used.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.. God bless you.

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