How to Create MS SQL Database Using SQL Server Management Studio – For Beginners

This video teaches you in a simple way how to create a database using SQL Server Management Studio. It’s quite easy.

How to Write SQL Queries:

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Creating Views in MS Sql Server:

Exporting MS Access Database to MS SQL:

Writing Simple Queries in MS Access:

Relationships and Referential Integrity in Relational Databases:

How to Create Database in MS SQL Management Studio:

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  1. I am confused did you already have DB created. When I type a Server name and click connect it doesnt work. I am guessing I have to create DB with something else first.

  2. Hello, Thanks for the video. for the sudent id column, must be an integer? Our students matric id is in this format fuo/16/mcb/2145.if change it to var char and set it to primary key,will that be ok

  3. Hi Bro, First thanks for your video, it helped me a lot. I have made Two tables. I have now 3 questions.
    1. How to make drop down menu within anyone row of the Table? Like if someone select one of two options like whether the case is decided or undecided. so i have to make a drop down menu for it to select anyone option in a row.
    2. How and where to make the Front End for my table. It will be within SQL or i have to use Visual basic etc?
    3. How to connect these tables with the buttons in the Front End Page?

  4. Thank you Kindson,  I have been searching the Web for the past  6hrs straight to find assistance that actually works.  I now have my new AdventureWorks created in SQL.  Much appreciated.Glenda

  5. HI Kindson Munonye,                                      My name is Brently Flowers and I am attending ITT tech. I have a presentation to do and your video helped me on how to configure a data base. So, thank you very much and keep doing what you're doing. If you can help me I know you are helping others as well. JESUS CHRIST and GOD bless you and everyone else in existence. Have a great day.

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