JavaScript just got way faster

First look at Bun – a fast new JavaScript runtime like Node.js or Deno. Explore the core features of Bun.js and how they might affect fullstack web developers in the future.

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Bun.js Announcement
Bun on Github
How JavaScript Works

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🔖 Topics Covered

– What is a JavaScript runtime?
– How do JavaScript engines work?
– Why is Bun so fast?
– What is the Zig Programming language?
– Bun.js vs Node
– Bun.js vs Deno
– Native Typescript with Bun


  1. native bundler, typescript transpiler, test runner, can parse JSX and I get to use my npm packages ?
    This feels too good to be true.

  2. would be nice if it worked on windows, I was keen to try it out. Very interesting that its written in Zig, I think we need a fireship tutorial about Zig in 100 seconds?

  3. im genuenly thinking about adding bun install to my Dockerfile but probably I'll continue with node.js for the rest of the application.. i dont think bun is ready for a production application yet.. as far as i see, it's installing the dependencies around 8 seconds for my particular project and this is almost 20 times faster than npm. it drops to half of a second when i have a bun lock file, amazing…

  4. Great learning video!

    I use JavaScript all day, so will definitely be checking out Bun.js. Will be interesting to see if those speeds are for real 🤔

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