is he scripting? #shorts

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  1. it wudve been a single dodge right when the animation started and it wudve canceled everything he was doing. this is not how a script looks like… a friend told me

  2. This isn't script, it's just the monkey boy coping. Also looking at opgg, Sion is clearly a young kid since he is improving every season since he started in 2020. He played 400 matches of Sion this season alone, clearly he shouldn't do that but he wiggled out of muscle memory since Cass wouldn't approach like a melee brain old fart without ult up.

  3. Clearly not Scripting. Even if someone was scripting I don't think scripts are coded to "Predict" abilities. They dodge them (skillshots) as they are happening. And since Cassiopia Ult isnt a skillshot its highly unlikely the bot would be able to react to it.

    TO debunk this further the sion was clearly shown moving back and forth between autos just to dodge the ultimate. It doesnt take a Diamond to know not to look at snake lady if ult.

  4. Ah yes, the guy wiggled at a Cass because her ult applies if you're looking at her, clearly a script.
    Also I love "moving like a diamond" literally just clicking on cass and clicking away from cass repeatedly

  5. alot of people in the comments are not rewatching the clip. The sion turns the first time to dodge cass poison, turns to auto, then turns again to dodge cass ult. Looks like he went to dodge it twice but theres an ability being script dodged. im like 95% sure this clip is a script.

  6. How tf is that scripting? If anything this is evidence that he isn’t scripting, if he was he would have only done one back step right as you ult, but he does 3 meaning he was doing it multiple times in anticipation of your ult, and how is that diamond movement? It’s such an easy mechanic it’s literally clicking back and forth.

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