This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript

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  1. This is the way i am doing things. I am going through freecodecamps course, and looking up everything I don't fully understand on other websites like MDN. I even watched a youtube video too on, The remainder operator (%). These things need a good read up on.
    But what I am not sure of, is where is the official JavaScript tutorial?
    My study plan is do the course and read up on everything to get a good understanding of it. Project tutorials and coding challenges, than the official tutorial, the entire thing. I have only been studying it for 4 hours so far, and I love JavaScript, HTML is boring.

  2. Mdn is definitely an amazing resource. However I find when you are trying to learn a new concept they are often one of the hardest ways to understand that concept if you know nothing about it.
    However once you have some knowledge in that concept to where you can actually understand what is written on mdn a little better, they go into the greatest detail and help you thoroughly understand it.

  3. Chris, IDE for Python = PyCharm Community or even better PyVCharm Professional. You get that debugger you talked about out of the box and is really supper super simple. Waay simpler than Javascript ; )

  4. You can step through embedded JS btw, That is what I do when I performance optimize, I add a script tag with only "debugger;" in it to see the state of document when body parsing is at that element.

  5. I dont understand it guys, why when I type in my VS code src – it does not even highlight it as if the program does not have this function in it, it results in just not working in my Live Server (for instance, the same alert thing)

    i dont get it

  6. This man is absolutely right i was facing problem in return function i have watched tons of videos but all in vain then i start writing code and the result was astonishing the concept of return function become piece of cake for me. So practice practice and practice to master any language

  7. For anyone stuck in “tutorial hell” listen to this guy! How little it takes for someone to open your eyes. We all learn what are variables,methods,functions,arrays… but we dont know what to do with them. Create a fricking web from scratch using only Javascript, then you will know it, at least for yourself. Btw i know its stupid to do it for any other purpose than to practice. Thanks man.

  8. Hi, I am a Python beginner, here asking if you can please build for the public an open source Python application that will convert our Python script close as possible into purely a Javascript code basically making it 1000* times easier for the vast majority of people to develop Javascript applications to quite an extent, therefore… we can have the best of both worlds. It doesn't have to be anywhere complicated like a 3D game engine, Thanks.

  9. Wow. You started this video with a commercial? If you can accept constructive criticism, I stopped watching at 9 seconds. Hit thumbs down. Left this comment and backed out to find a video that does not start with commercials.

  10. duuuuuude, this is not a beginner lvl, ok i know some basics, but for someone who starting from 0 this is a mess, what is h1, what is span , what is inner html, what is document.createElement does, you just speak what you write bam bam bam, but you not explain nothing……..

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