The Weird History of JavaScript

The history of JavaScript over the last 25 years. How did a simple scripting language for Netscape evolve into the world’s most widely used programming language?

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Brendan Eich Talk

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  1. I remember first trying to mess with JavaScript back in the late 90s and having no idea what I was doing lol. Now to be working as a software engineer on enterprise level react applications, it’s just incredible how much the language has grown

  2. Ok so they literally and intentionally infringed copyright for the sole purpose of confusing the market by naming Javascript after Java.

  3. And look where we are now, with Google just adding whole new standards to the web without consulting anyone, since they control around 90% of desktop browsers. When will people learn.

  4. it's a bit sad the video doesn't mention that rollup and webpack were aiming to replace horrendous tools like grunt and gulp people had to rely on because you can't expect every computer to run bash

  5. My advice for supporting IE… don't.
    You'll essentially be writing two versions of your website. One for IE and one for everything else.

  6. You know what, I never stopped to understand just why Al Gore took credit for the internet until now
    Thanks for the info lol

  7. The DOM api is not JavaScript. Microsoft's DOM features aren't additions to the language. Sorry for being pedantic.

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