This is FINALLY coming to Linux 👩‍💻 #programming #technology #software #tech #linux #tech


  1. I was wondering for a second why you said JavaScript isn't on Linux yet, then I realised it's not everyone's favourite language

  2. He really isn't going to give up on his C++ hate.

    At least he's changed his mind on OOP although, I don't think Rust has namespaces.

    Edit: looks like it does?

  3. I had to check if it isn't 1 April upload.
    1. Rust is already in Linux. If you mean kernel, then say Kernel
    2. Stackoverflow survey? Are you kidding? You could not find worst place! SO is place for noobs to go, and you don't want even look at polls with noob bias!

  4. Well Rust is known for low level access and handling and people code on C++ because of a big code base, not because people like it; C++ has become disliked by programmers, I don't know why, maybe isn't modern enough or practical/efficient enough

  5. why do people love rust so much? maybe i’m just inexperienced, but i just hate it. everything feels clunky and i don’t understand the types and i can’t get simple console input without getting a crate for it. I’ll stick with c++ or C# thank you.

  6. When you said matlab I actually closed the video in disgust but then I thought “there’s no shot he’s serious” and came back and that was correct

  7. Ayo bruh give MATLAB some love, for computation engineering is pretty good, I'm doing thesis with MATLAB and National Instruments, as for applying job.. Idk 💀

  8. May I make something clear,
    Rustlang is already supported on Linux. Now rust will be one of the languages that can be used to develop somethings in the Linux kernel. You should add Kernel to the title 🙂
    It can be used for new drivers etc but its affects will be too small for upcoming years. On the other hand, Asahi team makes a new reverse-enginneered gpu driver in Rust for apple silicon 🙂

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