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  1. John I struggle with passiv eaggresive engineers always trying to call me out when I give high level explanations like example "show us how you spin up a docker file in bash" " what do you mean by encapsulate" its so annoying how they do this to other people that have different skill sets. please make a video how to shut them down and make it a culture of that not being ok

  2. Never really knew what an IDOR was, and never really bothered to look it up, but this explains it really well in simple terms. Thanks!

  3. John. I truly wish the Al-Gore-Rhythm would have hooked us up 4 years ago… your content is what I wish I would have known as I rediscovered my next phase… alas, you may be phase 3 because your Information is EXACTLY what i've hungered for since being introduced to Fortran 77 in 1994… i've missed soooo many years but can feel and understand what you're throwing down…
    LOVE what you do, awesome, interesting, informative, inspirational…

  4. Loved this challenge John, just a little tip if you don't mind my friend, when you use the .encode() method, the default encoding is UTF-8 so you don't necessarily need to specify it, hope this can be useful to you 🙏

  5. i was lost for around 40 mins trying to understand your clues , However . thank you for doing the effort and creating the room

  6. Forget IDOR, my dumb brain was trying to figure the mapping of the door knobs pixels to the links. Thanks for the BTS, John.

  7. Is this the cause of Moonpig's leak from a few years ago, where you could change your user ID in the address bar and view someone else's account details?

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