Javascript – First Program Namaste World | Lecture 2 | Web Development Course

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  1. Is it suggested or mandatory to install node.js in our system to run this? or can we just use browser? can anyone please reply me?

  2. course is good for basics but if everything is to explained in upcoming videos then why are we just copying codes from here . waste of time and not detailed properly JS .

  3. Note: This video tutorial is not for beginners.
    Because the teacher don't explain anything.
    He only write code…..

  4. I have been watching video lectures of Shradha Khapra on Java & DSA, and she is a brilliant teacher, not just the knowledge but the way of her teaching is also brilliant, a great level of clarity of what she is teaching and that's why I subscribed Apna College to learn as much as possible for a job. But, this course teacher is not what I was expecting. I don't know if I dont understand things that well or if the teacher in himself feels like we know everything already, but with the lazyness he has been teaching as if we know everything he'll utter really gives me a feeling of our teachers at school (regardless of if the students understand something, we are interested in completing the course).

    P.S.: Not to offend anyone, and also every one have different perspective, this was just a positive review. I really loved the concept of free education and respect Apni Kaksha and Apna College team's work, but taking these lectures made me feel terrible. May be you can get into this for a moment. As it is said, not always a good student can be a good teacher. Also, I'm not unsubscribing your channel or leaving any useful content unseen from your channel. Thanks for the content. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  5. Sir direct program bna diya apne.. first tag se start krte step by step… pehele se hi bna program mai hi apne tags start kr diye isliye jada samajh nhi aya

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