Top 10 Javascript One Liners YOU MUST KNOW!

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In today’s episode, I will show you some awesome tips and tricks with javascript that you can do in one line of code.

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  1. he claims to be using the palenight theme, but here hes using the Community material theme ocean high contrast… you're welcome

  2. Бля, видеть бородатого манерного мужичка, это также как видеть макаку в гриме (мэйкапе) – необычно нелепо 🤢
    Благо, контент не полностью с его "лицом"…

  3. Gracias querido por estos tips; hace mucho no programaba ni lo más mínimo en js y me voy desactualizando, pero aquí aprendí nuevas funciones y demás <3

  4. Cool!
    Although I knew most of these one-liners. Only DesignMode and transitioned events are new to me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Are your courses up-to-date? Seems people complaining in the comment section of the javascript course that the links to the course files are not working anymore including html and css. That's why I haven't enrolled.

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