Spark AR Lesson 11 – Understanding 'To Script' & 'From Script' (JS Scripting)

In this video, I explain what the ‘To Script’ and ‘From Script’ features are for in Spark AR Studio when creating Instagram/Facebook effect, and how we can use them to exchange data between scripting files (in Javascript) and the Patch Editor.

These can be values like pulse events, numerical values, text, vector, and vector values. Enjoy this dev guide, more coming soon.

A simple tutorial with some funny results that will make you play more with those two options.

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  1. Hi and thanks for this video! How can I set the TEXT value to dynamic weekdate and then pass the result (let say "saturday" as of today) to the script and make some condition? Let say: if today is "saturday", write "Hey" and if today is "Sunday" write "Hoy"?

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