JavaScript Roadmap in 2022: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

A modern JavaScript learning path for new frontend developers. These are the core JavaScript concepts that beginners need to …


  1. Subbed. I know around 60% of the things covered here. The hidden value is that hearing you explain helps me improve at communicating concepts. Most of my learning is pretty isolated, so it’s hard to practice communication in my environment.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you! I will share what has worked for me. I tried tutorials, long video courses and couldn't learn anything. What really worked for me were books. They're simply better explained. I learned with the books Javascript In Less Than 50 Pages for the very basics and Head First Javascript Programming for more advanced concepts. After you get the basics, learning anything else becomes so much easier.

  3. Did I miss where the road map was?

    This just seemed like you were listing out all the components that equal JavaScript but nothing about how to learn them in the right order?

  4. I am just now finally feeling more comfortable with JS. I've used C# for a long time, but JS always made me upset, haha. It just felt too loose. Typescript helped me get comfortable with JS. Now I'm moving into vanilla JS. Kinda backwards approach, but now that I see how much JS has improved in recent years I'm excited to jump on board and finally learn this flexible language

  5. Im having difficulty. Loading JV on Live server first worked an now its stopped working. Changed src script, moved the src scripts instead of the head section of the html file. went to settings an changed port 5500 to 0. Copied the file path. An some time, says uncaught unexpected token. Any tips to fix this?

  6. I’ve been subbed to you for a while, and watched and rewatched videos of yours. I just want to thank you for the no fluff no nonsense videos. I really appreciate you, and you’ve helped so much in my start of coding. First time I watched some of your videos I had no clue what you were talking about. Revisited and have more of an idea. I’m now into the JavaScript portion of my journey from html and css with some c, scratch thrown in from cs50, and I always find my self coming back to your vids as a beacon of hope, so thank you so much!!!! I would love the react roadmap, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about your angular boomer basement comment….even though I don’t know why that’s true yet. 😂

  7. As a completely new web dev'er, your "roadmap" videos have been super helpful in directing my studies, and time. If you haven't already got one planned, a React roadmap video would be fantastic also 😊

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