1. Cross thread communications is making my head want to explode. IT IS A CRITICAL TASK in almost any application that is reading data from other hardware. You would think the designers of c# would have created some elegant strategy to handle this CRITICAL ability. In the last several weeks I cannot find a single common logical coding strategy that makes any fucking sense.

    Basically, the most common one I see is making a delegate for every single ui component. That is just fucking insane. So I have a gui with 500 dials and text boxes and various gauges. And several threads running and polling hardware independently. I am supposed to create 500 fucking delegates in each thread to match all 500 components on the main gui thread! And each delegate is several lines of code x 500 x n threads!!!

    This is the fucking best MS can come up with?

    This is all made worse by the constant changes or "improvements" they constantly are making to the language. Such that now it is a mishmash of dozens of coding options that do the same fucking thing. I don't see how anyone new to c# can even learn it. You learn from the latest release then look at code examples and there are all these old paradigms that have been replaced but left in the code so that now you can't decern old programming style from current!

  2. Thank-you Michael. Extremely helpful and very well presented. One suggestion. For the newbie like me could you mention the Backgroundworker declaration statement and perhaps also that when you type the MainThread line in the background method it will show an error saying that it cannot be found until the command is completely typed! Thank you again!

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