WinCC Unified V16: Install the MS SQL Server and first steps of the database Option

In this Video I show you how install the Unified database storage. This includes the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2.
I show you how you configure it in the TIA Portal and check the database with the SQL Server Management Studio.

00:12 install database option
01:00 install the SQL Server Managment studio
02:18 configure it in TIA Portal
04:18 check the values in the SQL Server
05:13 modify the values in the SQL Server
05:53 add a new value in the SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

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  1. Hi friend, I really learn a lot of things with your videos… thanks for it. I'ts possible you share the installation file of simatic wincc unified database storage? i want to test the trial to see if solve some problems with the trend loading…

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