How We Stole R 36M In Three Days

How I hatched And Executed A Plan To Steal R 36M From Post Bank


  1. I remember I once called a law student ex of mine to confirm for me countries where RSA doesn't have duristriction and she asked me 9-9 what was I upto 😂😂😂 I had a home affairs plug and sh1t.. us nerds 👓 always looking for vulnerabilities

  2. This guy is a genius. If our government was smart, they were gonna recruit you to work for them just like America. They don't put good brains to waste. Mind you, we all gonna die whether you good or bad.

  3. This guy is very smart he just needed to work with someone like me i would have kept it a secret forever knowing very well my children will be set for life

  4. i didnt know one can withdraw as much as 50k from an ATM, i thought u have to go inside the branch to do that… but anyway great story nonetheless

  5. You are a genius even thou it's a crime🤘🏽💯,some people love you because there were no killings or threats on the mission 👑 God bless ✝️

  6. Yoh so my south African side kept up with this makes me think as an IT guy if I work in government should I chose crime cos I'm an basically unemployed youth cos working government internship is shit here in Botswana and these people know nothing about IT but I got ethics

  7. Subtitles my man. Don't you want an American, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, etc. audience? Not even everyone in South Africa understands this guy. Nice job nonetheless.

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