This is why queues are important to learn – solving a beginner javascript html css challenge

Solving a web dev challenge problem using html, css, and javascript 00:00 intro and solving problem 12:11 Done – just …


  1. This is great content! The tutorial is well explained.

    It would be awesome to see similar videos in the future where you implement data structures with JavaScript, and have a visual explanations such as this queue example!

    Thanks and cheers!

  2. Great video, I think there was an opportunity to further abstract the behavior of the click list data model from the event setup to further clean it. Otherwise very nice refactoring towards the end, functional design is often a very sound approach for this area

  3. Hey, really great content. It will be great if you could make some content on code splitting as well as how to analyze web bundles and optimize their sizes? I have spent last whole week into this topic and it will be great to see your take.

  4. Nice content 🍃
    Suggestion: call the functions at the top of the script. It will work as JavaScript functions are hoisted. Of course, declare the const gridSize before calling them ✌️

  5. I said stack a bit too much in the video… this problem is, was, and should be solved using a queue, hence the video title. Extra credit: Try using a stack instead and see how it changes the playback, aka use pop instead of shift

  6. 5:12 Stack and queues are distinctly different data structures that do two distinctly different things, so it really DOES matter which one you choose here. Given that the problem you're trying to solve is to capture the order of some events, then play them back in the same order, there is an obvious "better" choice.

  7. 3:27 Can someone explain how the event handler knows what the variable "event" is here? I know that the first parameter to the handler is indeed an event. But normally you specify that in the function signature. In this example, the function signature has zero parameters specified, so how does the function body know what "event" is?

  8. This is really great content. Everybody keeps making videos on how to make a website using JS. But, these kinds of brain teasers are very rare. I am hoping that you'll continue making these types of videos regularly.

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