More BIG HITS at WBD as Cartoon Network Studios CLOSES! | CARTOON NEWS

The Warner Animation Decimation CONTINUES as more staff are laid off and Warner Bros Animation is set to assume Cartoon Net Work Studios.

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  1. David Zaslav still continues to be a parriya in sheep’s clothing. I don’t get it why WB’s ego still gets worse by shutting down its animation department and Cartoon Network Studios, they have been around for nearly 30 years. I feel so sorry for all the animators who earned their strides on why these Cartoon Network shows are still popular. Wishing all the best whatever they’re going into.

  2. I'm really starting to not care if this company goes completely under and Universal buys it up as the rumors state. I'm NO fan of Universal, and I've been saying for years they're FAR bigger a conglomerate than Disney ever can claim to be by even its must staunch detractor. However, I'll take their leadership over some moron chasing nickles and dimes to face a deficit left by AT&T screwing over WB TWICE with their merger that didn't happen, again TWICE. Whoever was in charge initially of saying that WB was hemorrhaging money and they had to pick the last person drunk at the bar to merge with is just as awful as the new schmuck.

  3. I’m surprised this didn’t happen a long time ago. As much as I don’t like Zaslvov or the Discovery merger, it would have been done a long time ago if WB didn’t keep merging or getting acquired into a company it had little to no similarities with.

  4. Is it me or is it that they are that gungho over purging anything that isn't related to 90 days fiancee and the like we as viewers LIKE variety in our programming if it's cartoons then so he it when it was on I enjoyed watching young justice I like to watch Pokemon as well and some others with the purging of almost all animated content with the merger they might as well bring back translated versions of japanese anime like they used to it's driving people away from the product or putting other networks that offer animated stuff to them instead of "streamlining" the suits come up with a way to do their all "live" reality shows AND give people who enjoy animated stuff a place alongside each other so they can give multiple people what they wish to see not BIG RED SIGN NO CARTOONS THIS IS FOR TEENS AND ADULTS KIDS GO TO NICKALODEON OR TREEHOUSE LEAVE NOW OR YOU WILL WATCH BORING RENOVATION SHOWS OR MARRIAGE SHOWS

  5. What's more heartbreaking is that Cartoon Network Studios being Merged into Warner Bros. Animation is on the month when Cartoon Network launched 30 years ago on its 30th Birthday/Anniversary.

    There is just no words on how I'm saddened and heartbroken by this news.

  6. We need the Warner siblings to come visit Zaslav's office and each give him one hard mallet whack on the head.
    No, scratch that, EVERY CARTOON CHARACTER WARNER BROS EVER OWNED THE IP TO, which means Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, etc, just giving him a good, hard, beating for the sins he's committed!

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