How Good Filmmaking Brings a Script to Life

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In this video we do an in-depth breakdown of the midpoint scene of Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

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  1. I have watched so many films over the years but the few that I really made me ponder and reflect on the scenes, the portrayal, the pacing, the script, and a few more details. The few films are Woman In Gold – Ms Helen Mirren is superb, I have seen her other screen appearances and she dominates the screen with a positive and kindred attitude. David Williamson’s Sons of Cain was beautifully directed by John Noble in 1986. Later consequent years I waited for his works, his best portrayal was done in Fringe as Dr Walter Bishop. Wow! And today we have Portrait of a lady on Fire. After watching the film I was mesmerised by the subtle use of light/dark, camera angle, the script, and a few more details that most people don't notice. Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, Luàna Bajrami, and the rest of the actors brought out life from the script with no musical score. That is incredible, if that isn't then I don't know what is! Excellent dissertation on Portrait of a lady on Fire film!

  2. I don’t know if everyone else would feel the same way or not, but I felt like I could really be Marianne, and be Heloise, to feel their love, and even feel their deepest pain. This is the first movie ever could make me feel that way. The feelings lingers around me, and it really made me sad for days. I could even hear my heart beasts faster when Heloise was smiling with Marianne, and feel it stops when Heloise shouted out for Marianne to turn around to look at her for the last time. I wish they could have a different ending, where Marianne would run away from her family and they could both be together. But then I realised, that probably was already a happy ending, as no matter what they do, where they are, they never stop loving each other. When Marianne told her student that their painting of her looks so sad, and tried to convince herself and others that she’s not sad, the grief is still there on her face. Probably, her live and Heloise’s from then on, would always be incomplete.

  3. Our Professor, let us to watch this masterpiece to make a individual Reaction Paper. I ended up having 7 pages (back to back). And when I gave my assignment to her, she called me to her office. I thought I did something wrong about my reaction paper. Instead, she praised me about my paper, and she offer me to become one of the editor to our school. And that is the beginning of my adventure being a journalist to our school. Honestly, this movie gives me a butterfly on my stomach, simply a MASTERPIECE! 💖

  4. God this is outstanding analysis that has added even more enjoyment to my viewing of the film. Bravo. This is why cinema is life affirming.

  5. This next level filmmaking… the intentionality is crazy… it's so subconscious to the viewer but still present… this video is truly phenomenal. Super thoughtful editing and analysis. Only thing is (I'm sorry), you needed to use this cut to black 15:17 for that last note in the song… it was begging for it.

  6. Спасибо! Это было великолепно! Мысль и логика автора фильма так же красива и захватывающа, как и сам фильм.

  7. Cannot find the link to the english translation anymore, they all seem to be broken, can anyone help me? Thank you, i love this film and really really want to read it

  8. Thank you for posting this break down. Truly appreciated every aspect of this. This film has been the most beautiful film I have experienced, and at 50+ I have seen many. I stumbled into it blindly on Hulu and I have been grappling with the effect it has had on me ever since. Such a special experience and I keep looking for outlets to help me understand it. Celine and these wonderful women created a Beautiful film.

  9. I rarely get emotional when I'm watching films. The fact this film almost made me tear up with so few words spoken and so little action taking place speaks volumes about how incredible it is.

  10. Thankyou so much for bringing yet another layer of appreciation to this film with your clear exploration of all the elements of this scene. Clever you and clever Celine. I am even more impressed with the film at all levels. Thankyou again!

  11. Adele's expressions remind me of Emanuelle Beart from Manon of the Spring
    They kind of have the same eye, even though one has blue and the other green

  12. Phenomenal video! Perfect job. Your analysis brought insight into subtle details for me, which made this film even more beautiful. At the moment with the explanation of the scene of strength and vulnerability, I paused the video to get away from the culture shock, because it is so genius. Thanks a lot!

  13. this is poetry in shape of a film. i mean the rythm, the frame, the words. everything is carefully thought. thank you for showing me the details i would never be able to see it

  14. Awesomely informative video and thank you for this in depth analysis.
    Excuse my off-topic question, what is the song you used in the background where you were talking about The Pacing @ 8:10? I know the song but can't remember the name at all :c

  15. Hands down the best and my favorite film of 2020, probably my favorite of all time considering how it makes me cry every single time but still coming back to rewatch, begging for more heartbreak 😂 thank you for this video, it certainly takes my fondness of this film to another level 🙏

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