Linux and Python on your phone for free in 2 minutes // iPhone or Android

Install Linux and Python on your iPhone or Android phone for free in 2 minutes!

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00:00 – Coming up
00:35 – Intro
00:40 – Getting Linux on an iPhone
02:26 – Python on an iPhone
03:53 – Getting Linux on an Android phone
06:37 – Python on an Android phone
05:55 – Conclusion

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iSH Shell:

// Termux Google Playstore issue //
Since November 2, 2020 we no longer able to publish updates of Termux application and add-ons because we are not ready for changes upcoming with SDK level 29 (Android 10). Everyone should move to F-Droid version, if possible:

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  1. Actually joining Computer 🖥️ science class in the university ..David your content is a gem 💎 I picked in this life time thank you so .much those that have have you as there guide must be lucky..please do python tutorials

  2. The python course i was doing must be a bit out of date as it claimed that Apple users couldn't install python on their devices. I thought that someone must have created an emulator but this is an even better solution. This great as it gives me another screen/terminal to work with and I get to play around with Linux as well. Look forward to the Python and Linux vids.

  3. FYI, if installing this on a Chromebook you may need to enable Chrome OS Developer Mode:
    Close anything important. SAVE BACKUPS! THIS WILL WIPE THE SYSTEM!
    Press and Hold [Esc] key, [Refresh] key, and [Power] button
    System will restart
    When the warning screen appears, press and hold CTRL+D
    If you see something about OS verification, press Enter
    On the screen with "OS verification is off" press and hold CTRL+D again

    To turn Chrome OS Dev mode off (This factory resets the system):
    When your system restarts and the "OS verification is off" screen appears
    Press the space bar

  4. Great recommendation, using it to control my numerous Raspberry Pi devices via ssh, needed installing, either openssl or dropbear, went with former as familiar with it. Very convenient having g it on my android netpad.

  5. After one ui 5.0 android 13 beta 3 if I install termux will it be kernel based virtual machine? Would that mean I can also install windows 11 or Proton (linux) ? Thanks for the simple explanation 🙂

  6. Have a difficulties with it. Simple commands like print() working good. But, when I was tried to write simple program for calculating steps and number of the Collatz equation, 3n+1, every time it was gave me an error. Could anyone help me?

  7. Really, your lectures are really good .
    Thanks sir.
    I've learned from you more than in my classroom .

    ❣️from Sierra Leone.

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