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  1. Sir when ide providing standard libraries and we can use Or call function from them like in c so why do we need frame work libraries to call the functions and when we are calling functions so where compiler will search the definition of it in dotnet library Or in visual studio standard library

  2. Sir ji , kya area of circle ka program aise bhi bn skta he kya
    main( )
    int r;
    printf("enter radius");
    printf("area of circle is %f", 3.14*r*r);
    getch( );
    /* Sir g comment ko like kr doge to program ko shi manunga dislike kr doge to glt

  3. Thanks sir
    Could you please upload a video on complete data validation
    1. Accept alphabet only
    2. Accept pin code only (6 digits only number)
    3. Accept Male/Female only
    4. Accept only given option (as select only from list)
    5. Proper case only
    6. Uppar case only
    7. Lower case only
    8. Auto generate number (as id)
    9. Search data from text file , replace them,edit them, delete them
    10. A complete project on data entry with data validation

  4. Hi sir today I was watching your first video of c and c++ because I am a beginner so I have installed how you have told us like the same process I have installed but in that I can't compiling, so sir please solve my problem it's my request please sir

  5. Sir, I have done MCA in 2016. I have 4 year of gap after MCA. Can i get job now I am learning dotnet, please help me, tell me dotnet career complete learning path

  6. Sir apka ek video tha how to improve programming skills. Usko maine dekha so mera problem bhi wahi hai. Mujhe apse janna hai ki kaun si book sahi hai C# programming ki practice ke liye. Please suggest me because i am feeling helpless during work. Whenever new thing is coming i stuck and not able to think.

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