Rings of Power S1 E7 | They Threw the Better Script into Mount Doom

Hey everyone, Royen and I hope you all enjoyed this review of Rings of Power! Let us know your thoughts about the show in the comments below. Thanks so much!


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  1. I really appreciate you guys' perspectives. I love Tolkien's work but I've never actually read anything other than the Hobbit and LOTR. I actually really like the dwarf/elf storyline and I don't mind the Harfoots. Hearing you guys out I can totally get where you are coming from, but I actually love some of the stuff they've done with the dwarves. Did you notice that their language is ripe with metallurgical terms like slag, dross, etc? I really enjoy stuff like that!

  2. I used to love your channel. I love how you ended your videos with a little positive take away about the things we could learn and the teachings we could draw from each character and story.
    The only thing I don't like about the series is how it changed the way you talk about things related to Middle Earth. It ruined your channel for me. I wish you well.

  3. Pyroclastic flow is a combination of extremely hot gasses and pulverized, super heated rock. The chances of surviving of a direct hit are practically none. Not even an immortal elf cannot survive it. Especially when in the Silmarillion it has been told how Morgoth released "rivers of fire" from Thangorodrim at the beginning of Dagor Bragollach, that practically decimated the lands around, killing everything in its path, both Elves and Men after the 400 yrs siege of Angband.

  4. KEEP MAKING THESE VIDEOS AND SPEAKING TRUTH! This is YOUR page and you're entitled to your opinion- an opinion based upon and informed by Tolkien's works! Don't worry about poeple telling you to keep quiet just because you don't like this smut! You are doing a great work! Poeple need to know the truth about this lazily done waste of money show!

    Look forward to the HOTD collaboration.

  5. I think you two should stick to focusing more on the lore and the lore issues here than the writing ones because you're better able to focus on one than the other. If your review takes 16-17 minutes without mentioning Celeborn's magical disappearance on a Tolkien lore channel, you're doing it wrong.

  6. What was said about maybe nit picking over having an idea and just not seeming to care as much on how to get there can be in other TV shows that most people liked but the issue is all the other bad little things that go into an episode add up and stick out more , also said that "this is a LOTR channel so I keep watching" , I have nothing but free time so it is the only reason I am watching still.

  7. I have said from the first 2 episode's what worried me the most was all The TV troupes that take Tolkien lore out of is writing you would find on tv shows that have to have 25 episode seasons. This is also why I am getting more and more mad that HBO didn't get the rights . Example is not telling who the "stranger" is , such a poor choice of a troupe to use in a show like this , no matter what when they revel who it is 99% of people watching will be mad. I mean I am still legit worried it was or still is Gandalf.

  8. Only on Amazon can Galadriel survive a pyroclastic flow without a burnt eyelash while everyone around her fries. The whole Celeborn mention was really annoying. Elves mate for life – their lives. As with so many things, they're really not paying attention.

  9. I agree with the (very) generous 2/10 rating, only because I know they’ll somehow make it worse.

    Nothing but piss-poor writing, horrendous dialogue, subpar acting, contradictions and inconsistencies, and butchering of the lore…hoping it gets canceled before a second season.

    But as always, great review!

  10. The writing for this show is so poor and cliché, I guarantee that Pharazon (either in the finale or the next season), will say to Miriel “you were blind long before you followed the elf to middle earth.”

  11. Galadriel tanks a POMPEY-LEVEL PYROCLASTIC FLOW to the FACE and the worst that happens is she gets covered in Cheetos Brand Cheese-like Flavor Dust, but when I saw a burning extra crawl across the screen, WHILE WEARING SNEAKERS, that was what RUINED MY EMERSION.

  12. The tragedy is that this series is 👽 of Tolkien and is masterpiece and canon, utterly tragic, "Auta i lóme" and " Aurë entuluva," have you fallen to rings of power? With the showrunner's now declaring in their most recent article that phans who oppose the show are evil, despite what these remaining episodes bring, is now redundant, for their arrogance is forged in ROP. We invite all to discover our "Exsurge Tolkien" and have a counter perspective to ROP and discover how it is full of heresy and hubris. The heresy of hubris is the most damning, for it is the single vice that binds all the persons developing The Rings of Power to the supremacy of a will that is Anti-Tolkien, ironically leading the very destruction of the beloved treasure the "Theyocracy" of the machine claims to cherish. The showrunner's design for ROP aligns with the mortal sin that fundamentally changes the craft of Professor Tolkien's Canon and the spectacular secondary world, as Melkor enslaved, corrupted, and broke the firstborn children of Iluvatar, the elves.

  13. You and everyone else would like it more if it weren’t Lord of the rings. It’s great fantasy, it’s just not great lord of the rings. It’s like when people are expecting chocolate and they eat carob.

  14. I thought this episode was excellent… as is the whole season. In you poll you did not include and Excellent as an option. But then I am in no way an expert the backstory of TLOR. It certainly does not come close the that standard. But in my opinion, its way better than House of the Dragon. I only watch a few episodes of it. But as the weeks go by, I have not even thought of it. I have tried to catch up but only a few second into the episode, I am distracts and click to another show. That is not happening for The Rings of Power. I have followed every episode when it first became available. I am fascinated by it want to see the next one right after the one I just watch, I am hoping there is a 2nd, 3rd… seasons. Is it a perfect show? No, it is not. Do I want a second season? You betcha… with out any doubt.

  15. AND… wooden buildings combust from the ash cloud (~700 F / 300 C) … these people and animals would be cooked…. and that's ignoring the metal armor ovens most are wearing.

  16. It is my deepest wish for this show to be cancelled. Since they are already filming season 2, I don’t think it will be soon. Probably after that season airs. And I will celebrate when it is gone.

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