Watch Live: North Dakota Love Triangle – ND v. Nikki Sue Entzel Trial Day Three

Authorities said that Earl Howard and Nikki Sue Entzel were having an affair and decided to get rid of her husband Chad Entzel, with Nikki taking out a $26,000 life insurance policy naming herself as the beneficiary just days prior to his death. After killing Chad, both Howard and Nikki allegedly set the house on fire in an attempt to destroy any evidence that might link them to the crime. Earl Howard pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, arson, conspiracy to commit arson and other lesser charges. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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  1. I am thoroughly convinced that the defendent is guilty, however, I can't help how my stomach dropped when the near-naked photos of her were displayed to us (YouTube viewers) to see. Bad form and unnecessary in my opinion.

  2. I was following this trial for research purposes and in the last session watched the lead investigator for the prosecution admitting to failing to offer the defendant an attorney prior or during her interrogation.
    That’s presented using a Miranda right reading.
    (You have the right to remain silent. If you wish to have an attorney present, one will be provided to you.. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?)
    This case is concerning at best. If this woman has killed her husband that’s awful however there’s multiple failures in the law enforcement detailing here and (claims to have seen evidence without cataloging or properly photographing the supposed evidence of their observations. A confession without having a reading of the Miranda right being read. The violent ending of the interrogation at the end of the last portion of the revised and court view of the interrogation itself…etc)
    This is concerning at best.
    How can this case continue without these issues being addressed by the judge? Retry the case. This looks like a mistrial. It won’t be though.
    This woman has committed a crime, definitely. This isn’t justified by the failures of the law enforcement officials here.
    I’m absolutely confused about the meaning of a legal system that would consider this an airtight case.
    What a mess..

  3. Chad sounded like a very decent human who genuinely cared for others, happy go lucky. Chad's family should be very proud of the man he was.

    Nikki is a conniving narcissist who was jealous of Chad's goodness. I hope Chad's family know her intentional, evil & despicable lies about Chad are beyond inconceivable ❣️

  4. Did they read her, her Miranda Rights? If not all this will be thrown out, and this kiniving greedy little liar will walk, I saw a picture of Chad and he was really cute, nice smile and dimples, her little cutsey act was nauseating, a grown A woman Baby talking, I don't know what happened, I hope she does serious time, Chad's Mother is in the front row , Poor little lady.

  5. The prosecutor is doing a great job, so are the witnesses so far, on the other hand , The defense attorney looks like he wants to be anywhere just about anywhere but there. The trial is interesting and I know the channel has to make $ but there are adds like every 3 minutes, seems excessive and for sure very annoying .

  6. Now let me try to understand this– this policeman said when you're on a welfare check you don't look into the windows of the house and/or potential victims in distress! If I was a law enforcement officer I would definitely check the windows and even knock on the window itself and shout law enforcement police! And there may have been a need for a forced entry for all he knew. In the Chris Watts case the law enforcement officers checked practically every window on the first floor. So this man is claiming you don't do things like that for a welfare check is just ludacris! Just because all is quiet and clean and calm and not even a peep from a mouse doesn't mean everything is fine.

  7. the prosecuter is meticulous, she's going to make sure this murderering fraud will be punished for killing an innocent man, stealing money from insurance by committing fraud, destroying the property of the landlord as well as costing him time, money & personal life interruptions & distress. the landlord probably can't have anything finalized on the property until this evil female is found guilty but still has to pay any mortgage/insurance/taxes on the destroyed home with no income such as rent to cover it.

    Chad's family is left with the anguish of his death that should not have happened, the knowledge of what he went through while being murdered.

    Her boys being left with the guilt of HER crimes & greed that will project onto them, the knowledge that their mother is an evil, murdering, lying thief…

  8. She was not given the opportunoty to have a lawyer present during over 9 hours on interrogation….she mau be guilty but none of that should have been admissable…the agent even stated they never asked if she wanted an attorney

  9. The witnesses have been very good with explanations & interpretations made easy to understand. Prosecution is doing a great job. Nikki looking more uncomfortable as time goes on. My heart hurts for Husband’s family 🙏 RIP Chad 🙏💙

  10. For some reason I feel like they aren’t even going to make it to the prosecutions rest…I don’t know why but I feel like her lawyer is about to start trying to make a deal which is really too late because she is destroying the violence narrative! PLUS she will have to take the stand if that’s the narrative they are sticking with! They postponed their opening statement til later so that means they had a defense planned, which is why I say the violence narrative is out the door and they will tear her apart on the stand! If she gets up on that stand it’s so obvious her lies versus truth…her lies are real quiet, if it’s the truth she says it with more excitement AND if she is “given” a suggested reason to fill the story she agrees with like excitement and her she like stretches her neck up a little more and widens her eyes! It was like clockwork in the interrogation which is where I watched it and came to that conclusion! I really want Earl on the stand but as I’ve said that man died naked and she said in interrogation beginning he slept naked I can’t believe the prosecutor didn’t ask the interrogator about that which corroborates he was asleep and not awake arguing in the living room!!!! UUGGGHHHHH

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