What's new in C# 11 now with less controversy!! – David Wengier – NDC Melbourne 2022

There was a bunch of news earlier in the year, you might have heard about, where a new language feature in C# 11 was added to do null parameter validation, with a lot of push back from the community. This was generally seen as the downfall of the language, and as someone with a very vested interest in C#, I was looking forward to opining about it.

Well that feature has been pulled now, so unfortunately this session will have to appeal to you simply on the grounds of being “helpful” and “informative”. Personally, I really liked the “!!” feature and was hoping to capitalize on the gossip!

Anyway, instead I’ll go over the new language features, explain how they work under the covers, and you can decide for yourself whether you like them, and we can have interesting discussions about minor syntax quirks.

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