Comedian Flips The Script On MAGA Heckler

Comedian Ariel Elias was confronted by a heckler during a recent show and handled the situation in epic fashion. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom


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  1. “I could just tell by your jokes that you voted for Biden.” What does that supposed to mean ? Yet they calls libs “snowflakes.”

  2. How does she know she is the only Jewish person in the room and why did she pull that card ? More than likely a progressive threw the can,a tactic they use when looting ,vandalizing and rioting and that is common knowlege.

  3. You don't have to vote for Trump to understand the Joe Biden is a Corrupt fool that is running this country into a nuclear war with Russia. He can't up to the Chinese because of his Corrupt dealing him & son Hunter has doing giving the big guy his 10%. When your family and friends are dead or dying from radiation poison try and find anything funny at that point.

  4. Funny as hell the comdien fighted before with fire and the female gama dummy got put in her place.🤣🤣👏👏👌

  5. It would have been sweet if she responded to the voting question "I didn't vote. But while we on the subject, get your drunk ass up here and tell us who you voted for. Bitch."

  6. Reminds me of Rave Dubin stating "I never find a rude conservative, it's almost impossible to find…" I guess he hasn't met these conservatives.

  7. Those Trump people are really going to hurt somebody. nowadays this has nothing to do with anything but maga Trumper‘s they’re just starting violence wherever they go, and they just don’t care because they know or they think rather nothings going to happen to them, just like Trump said he could go to fifth Avenue and shoot a gun and nothings going to happen. I don’t know who that comedian was but I hope she becomes rich and famous really fast👟 because she seem like she had a good attitude even though. i’m glad the can didn’t hit her. Good luck with to her.

  8. Dumb comedian. She immediately played the “jew “ card and talks about getting killed. How many Jews did trump kill exactly? How many Jews have been killed by trump supporters? 0 is the answer. You guys still can’t get enough of calling trump supporters racist. It’s sooooooo old now

  9. I worked at a Funny Bone..
    And if you cross the line, the cops would just watch the bouncers beat the heckler up.. all part of the show…
    If you want to be part of it, the punch line is the handcuffs…

  10. If that happened to a right winger they would be crying for criminal charges and wining about how violent liberals are, as if they don't call us weak beta soy boys all the time.

  11. I see Epoch Times is running an ad here trying to revise the 01/06/2021 insurrection into something "good." Right wing lies are proliferating now.

  12. Just like a brain-dead MAGA moron. Interrupts the comedian's show and then calls her rude for defending herself. So of course, after being put in their place, they result to violence.

  13. 🇺🇲 I'm so tired of American Hatred and that is what is. People have the rights to be and vote for whom ever I thought. Apparently not with this everyone has to be a clone or be a robot and can't agree to disagree. 🇺🇲🤔🤫

  14. I think Biden is crap.Don't paint us all alike.I have many liberal friends and I am a conservative Republican.I think the liberal far left is the most violent group.

  15. IDGAF what a comedian makes jokes about because all things racial, political, & or personal is for laughs/Jokes. IF NOT Why TF are u @ a comedy club ???

  16. It’s weird how you guys do this all the time… You play a video and we watch it. Then you go back and explain the video like we are all in third grade and have no idea what we just saw. Are you kidding me? Maybe you’re just trying to stretch out your content but you do this all the time.

  17. Look it's already been debunked that Jesus is not white with long blonde hair and blue eyes. So now they are mad and trying to make **ump Jesus. He already held up a Bible upside down in front of a church. Looked up into the heavens and declared I am the chosen one. Said there were good people on both sides when the other side screamed jews will not replace us. The defense rest.

  18. I do not believe this to be as simple as fragile egos, especially when going to a comedy club. it's a deep state issue between the ears that started when an angry orangutan gave them permission to be at their worst. We're into the entitlement hangover phase now.

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