How to install MSSQL Server on a Linux Debian version 10 or Buster

Microsoft has created a version of its database management system (Microsoft SQL Server) for Linux system. This version is available in many Linux systems (Ubuntu, Red hat, SUSE,…).

The server version is not available for the Debian distribution. We are using Ubuntu packages to proceed to its installation.

In this video we also install the client tools to connect with the database management system. In this case, Debian packages are available in the Microsoft web pages. We use this packages to install the client tools.

Operating system: Linux
Distribution: Debian
Version: Buster or 10

Database Management system: Microsoft SQL Server 2019
Version: 15.0.4033.1 (KB4548597)


  1. Hi.
    Thx for the vid. I tried many tutos. found your vid and followed your steps … but still :
    whatever I do, I'm always gettin an "Unable to locate package mssql-server" … wich ever rep I use (ubuntu16/18, mssql-server2017/2019.list etc …) …
    I properly added the MS apt-key … every apt update seems correct … I don't have any problem installing every package I want … but still the unable to locate answer for mssql-server …
    any idea ? thank you
    PS : Im on Debian 10 "buster" as well

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