You Should Avoid Linux Because…

Giving you all the legit excuses not to use Linux. Even though I love Linux, there are just so many road blocks when it comes to new users. Let me know if I successfully got one of your reasons not to use Linux.

Support Me By Checking Out The Gears I Used To Make This Video
1. Sony A7C (a-roll):
2. Sigma 28-70mm F/2.8 (a-roll):
3. Canon M50 (b-roll):
4. Lens Sigma 16mm F/1.4 (b-roll):
5. iPhone 13 Pro (second angle camera):
6. Linux laptop Asus Zyphrus G14:
7. Edit on macbook pro M1:
8. Edit on benq 32-inch monitor:

0:00 – intro
0:12 – Gaming developers are not interested in Linux
1:14 – linux games need tinkering a lot
1:44 – anti cheats for Linux
3:26 – nVidia drivers on Linux is easy to install now
4:14 – linux driver issues for printers, fingerprint scanners and iris scanners
5:05 – fingerprint scanner on Linux
5:30 – install windows hello on Linux
6:40 – drivers need to be installed using different methods and commands on different linux distributions
7:17 – look and feel
7:25 – cringe feeling when first coming to linux
7:56 – gtk and qt applciation look different on linux
8:12 – retro looks evolution
8:59 – special thanks blood_ghost for raising the question of fingerprint scanners in comments

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