You Should Avoid Linux Because…

Giving you all the legit excuses not to use Linux. Even though I love Linux, there are just so many road blocks when it comes to new users. Let me know if I successfully got one of your reasons not to use Linux.

Support Me By Checking Out The Gears I Used To Make This Video
1. Sony A7C (a-roll):
2. Sigma 28-70mm F/2.8 (a-roll):
3. Canon M50 (b-roll):
4. Lens Sigma 16mm F/1.4 (b-roll):
5. iPhone 13 Pro (second angle camera):
6. Linux laptop Asus Zyphrus G14:
7. Edit on macbook pro M1:
8. Edit on benq 32-inch monitor:

0:00 – intro
0:12 – Gaming developers are not interested in Linux
1:14 – linux games need tinkering a lot
1:44 – anti cheats for Linux
3:26 – nVidia drivers on Linux is easy to install now
4:14 – linux driver issues for printers, fingerprint scanners and iris scanners
5:05 – fingerprint scanner on Linux
5:30 – install windows hello on Linux
6:40 – drivers need to be installed using different methods and commands on different linux distributions
7:17 – look and feel
7:25 – cringe feeling when first coming to linux
7:56 – gtk and qt applciation look different on linux
8:12 – retro looks evolution
8:59 – special thanks blood_ghost for raising the question of fingerprint scanners in comments


  1. 1st part..gaming.

    Ah about the only games that DONT work in the Linux world one way or another are games that require E.A.C tech just to run…this is 2022…not 2015 or 2016 anymore

  2. I am using Linux mint since last several years and face a problem that HP LaserJet printer not printing though the Linux mint says printing completed. I am very much frustrated because my old windows 7 pc has stopped working hence I have no other source to print than carrying my files in PDF format and get printing done from internet cafes.

  3. As a linux-only user for nearly 8 years, I know how many compromises we must make to get fit into this linux box. Now I feel more comfortable on linux because I know what I am doing, but I don't think this is the journey that the majority of people should also go through. Simply choose what tools that suit best is the optimal strategy.

  4. 1:16 to 1:29 I've never had to REtweak any games on my Steam library since gaming on Linux native steam client for my windows titles since early 2020. So ..

    I'm Not sure what you're talking about

  5. Linux and having a girlfriend? Is that magic? Keep up those expressions, I love them. Regarding printers I don't really know why this bad practice is still around, if keyboards, monitors and even, bluetooth devices work with one driver, there is no logical reason for printers to not.

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