Sidharth Malhotra: “Shershaah was one such script where I was putting my money on it”

#SidharthMalhotra in part 1 of an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Rohit Khilnani talks about completing 10 years in the Hindi film industry. He says that he’s extremely lucky to get such huge launch by #KaranJohar. He also talks about #Shershaah and calls it a milestone. Don’t miss!

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  1. Saala flop actor 🤣🤣.. Karan Johar ke ehsaan pe tika hua hai 🤣🤣..5 back to back flops.. Ayushmann Khurrana ke pair ki dhul bhi nhi hai ye 🤣🤣🤭..Karan Johar ke boyfriend

  2. He's the best but unlike others he's not using strong pr team to promote himself …he's far far better than so called good actors wch doing same shift over the years and even gives so many flops but still ppl calling them great!!!!

  3. 10 years ago when I watched him in soty I thought he was going to be the next big thing, 10 years later he still doesn't have a stable career and others younger than him are doing better than him… I don't know if it was because of his bad decisions, team, nepotism, but his career is not what was expected of him.

  4. He also did a very big mistake launching Shershaah on ott instead of wait to launch on theatres this was for sure his biggest hit and for no wait he destroyed his career and future again.

  5. I'm fan but he need to improve his acting and social skills, he really don't know how to pick a good script or promote himself or his movies also his team pr is very very bad one of the worst teams. If he wants to survive need a change asap.

  6. I feel He is truly an underrated actor. He has shown many different role different shade in his movies n definitely killed it but never appreciation which he actually deserves. We all know at d end people counts BO collection nt the hardwork nd in that something I feel he is very unlucky. May god gives him much more success, love blessings which he deserves it more than anyone 🙏🥺🤞❤️

  7. Love the way how he speaks..his eyes are too expressive and the knowledge he has about cinema does not feel like he is just 10 years old in film you sid ♥️

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