How To Make A Popup Using HTML, CSS And JavaScript | Create a Modal Box In HTML Website

How To Make A Popup Using HTML, CSS And JavaScript | Create a Modal Box In HTML Website With Animation Step by Step

In this video we will create a model box or Popup website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We will add some animation on this popup using CSS transitions.

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  1. hello sir my popup is not working anymore and after debuging it showed me this information {openPopup is not defined
    at HTMLButtonElement.onclick}

  2. hello sir im having problem here after creating my popup everything was working good but within 2min it started giving me problems now is not even coming

  3. i am unable to get the same results If I hosted it on my local machine it is working nicely but for the hosting platform it is not working

  4. Please I'm stuck! I need help, how can i move it to the bottom of my web instead close to the message portal so you won't have to scroll all the way up to see to it. I've tried changing the top to bottom but still not working please I need help….. and please if there's any premium learning course I can pay and subscribe to will be very helpful

  5. How to connect this popup with an email form ? I have created an HTML page with an email form and the button " submit " and now I want that this one button will do two things: Send this form to my email address and show a popup page. How to do this?

  6. Sir html and css is ok but my javascript in not working
    Sir i watched your another website making video and i made it but there is also same ploblem the script section is not working 😕
    Sir please reply 🙏 back

  7. i Create this popup successfully but i getting a problem that when i click on send button then the page gets refreshed by automatically and the popup is unable to see.
    so please tell me how i can solve this problem

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