Linux Tutorial for Beginners | Introduction to Linux Operating System in Tamil | PART 1

In this Linux tutorial for beginners video, I explained What is Linux, an operating system, features, advantages of Linux and why someone should learn Linux?

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From servers & smartphones to smart devices & games consoles, Linux claims a huge share of the global operating system market.

In the consumer market, smartphones running Android and laptops running Chrome OS (Both based on Linux) have proven to be a massive global success, with Android claiming a whopping 88% market share of mobile devices as of Q2 2018 and Chrome OS gaining in popularity; both with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

This reason alone is a good enough reason to level up your Linux knowledge!

Unlike Windows and MacOS, anyone can learn and get started with Linux for free and read the source code to understand what’s going on under the hood.

The open source nature of Linux has lead to a vast amount of information and resources available to anyone who wants to learn! Did I mention that it’s free too?

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