How to Insert Image in Database in C# | Save Image in Sql Server using C# | C# Sql Server

how to save image and retrieve in SQL server database using c#.
In this video tutorial, we will show you how to save and retrieve images into SQL Server DataBase Using C# with Sample Project. The demo project is Implemented in Windows Form Application. From this Tutorial, You can also learn How to Use a Picture Box.

This sample code explains you how you can store image in SQL Server database using C#. It uses ADO.Net System.Data.SqlClient namespace. Images can be stored in SQL server using SQL parameters. For storing Image, we can use “Image” data type in SQL Server.

To store image in to SQL server database, we need to read image file into a byte array. Once we have image data in byte array, we can easily store this image data in SQL server using SQL parameters. Following code explains you how to do this.

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