How to connect External MSSQL DB to Docker Web Container

1. Explain the steps to connect External SQL DB.
2. An external DB can be hosted on VM or Cloud RDS.
3. Demonstrate – how to use.
4. Explain the connection string.


  1. Thanks for showing that it is not a colon ( : ) but rather a comma ( , ) that is used to separate the server address from the specified port. Seeing that detail helped me.

  2. Hi my asp .net core application is able to connect to mssql database when i am running it from my local but when i containerize the application it is not able to connect to DB as i am new to docker i am not sure what configuration i need to make sure it should connect to my external DB

  3. Hi Sir, I want to create registry by working in docker for windows and I need "registry" for "windows container" but registry image is only available for "Linux Containers". Please assist. I want to do all this in windows 10 pro

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