FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job

Learning HTML, CSS and Javascript is not enough to become a Web Developer. In this video we will cover: 1. How to learn front …


  1. Amazing video with useful information and provides proper path for the beginners . But your mic quality is so bad that many of the words that you said are not even heard ! Hope you'll improve your mic on the future videos .

  2. Meta has just launched two courses on front end and back end development. Can you please guide are these courses good enough to shift your career towards software engineering/ web development?

  3. Sir recently I joined a bootcamp on fullstack javascript… But classes are on weekends… I'm not learning much from it… Should I learn from documentation like what you told w3s or i should continue it …

  4. Without third party reference no one will give web developer job to a fresher
    There are n number of web developers .even kids can create websites

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